The Argonaut”, created, wrote, produced and filmed between 1991 - 1995, is a series of 25 episodes exploring ethnic minorities in danger of extinction accross four continents.

"The righit to exist", produced in 1996, is a documentary series eploring European ethnic minorities. The eight 30-minute episodes are produced in association with the European Film Commission.

"The Kurd", produced in 1998, is a documentary about the Kurdish diaspora.
"Daring to discover", produced between 1998 - 2002, is a presentation of a documentary series of 13 episodes on ethnic minorities in different world regions.

"The Afridi", produced in 1999 for RAI Educational channel, is a documentary on Afridi culture in Pakistan.

"Hijrash", produced in 1999, is a documentary about gender minorities in Pakistan.

"Kramer", produced in 2000, is a documentary about Cambodian culture.

"Georgia", produced in 2003, is a 50-minute documentary on the social politics of Georgia, in the former Soviet Union.

"Parsis", produced in 2004 for italian RAI 3 channel, is a 50-minute documentary about the Parsi community living in Mombay (India).

"The Joe of the Jorney", produced in 2006, is the title of a series of 6 documentaries about the great explorers of the nineteenth century, filmed in Ethiopia for RAI Educational channel and the University of Perugia (Italy).

"Afghanistan" (Fill a void), produced in 2009, is a documentary film of Afghanistan war.

"A different angle", produced in 2010, is a presentation of a new documentary series on tribal cultures around the world.

"Maoisti", produced in 2010 in India (West Bengal), is a 50-minute documentary film on the Maoist movement.

"La Libia s'è desta", produced in 2011, is a reportage of the LIBYAN "revolution".

"In viaggio con Joe" (traveling with Joe) produced in 2011, is a one of three documentary films about Indian minorities.

"Ladak", produced in 2011, is a two-part documentary film shot in Ladak, in the Himalayas, near the Tibet border.

"The Naga Kingdom", produced in 2012, is a 50-minute documentary about a hardy and warlik tribe called Nagas living on the Indian sub-continent.

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