Mario Gianni was born in Tuscany (Italy), then raised and trained in Prato-Florence until the age of 22. He began working in a dark room lab at 12. A few years later, still a teenager, he started working as a photojournalist for La Nazione.

At age 24, Gianni left Italy for London where he lived and worked for a year. While there, he was employed as a photo assistant for the renowned fashion photographer David Bailey.

In 1970 he decided to cover the war in Biafra (Nigeria) as a freelance photojournalist, since he wanted to submit his work to international news agencies. This deciriosion marked the beginning of his career as a photojournalist.

When he returned to Rome in order to get ready for the trip to Biafra, Rai Uno presented him with an opportunity to make a documentary film in Ghana, for a program called “Almanacco” in 16-mm format.

In 1972 he founded Karma Film, which represented an innovative philosophic idea in filmmaking. FilmService was eventually established in 1975, and has been the source of great production since.

In 2010 he decided to launch Film Service Media Training to promote media professionalism in transition and post-conflict countries by mobilizing and networking with experts in the media field and building an advisory and training project.

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