Transition and post-conflict countries often lack institutional and human resources to ensure media freedom and to develop a sound and viable media environment. Media is often considered by a large segment of those societies as a tool to empower people after years of dictatorship, human rights violations, and bad governance. In those sensitive transition phases it is of paramount importance to support civil society and young generations in building specific skills in the media field. Free media has been proved to be an effective leverage for institutional change, humain rights protection and state building.


Starting from this profound belief, Filmservice Solutions promote specific training to people willing to start a career in the media field or seeking to acquire a deeper understanding and knowledge of media professionalism in vulnerable and fragile environments. Training and mentoring activities include:

  • Reporting skills
  • Writing and editing for media
  • Investigative journalism
  • Developing radio programs and content
  • Story telling
  • Photo and video editing
  • Promoting media content on Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization applied to web based media
  • Develop an idea through storyboard
  • Capture the emotions of the subject
  • Get shots that give your movie a plus
  • The importance of continuity
  • Tips and tricks: the secrets of shooting for climbing


Middle Easte & North Africa Media Training Gallery